Edward Jones of Clyde Night Results
Friday, 07 August 2009

Andrews Gets 3rd Attica Win; Missler Nabs 3rd Late Model Win; Foos Gets 305 Win

By Brian Liskai

Image(Attica, OH) The #3 was lucky for Sandusky, Ohio's Chris Andrews, Bellevue, Ohio's Ryan Missler, and Fremont, Ohio's D.J. Foos Friday on Edward Jones of Clyde/Mike Neill Financial Advisor Night at Attica Raceway Park. Andrews used another mid-race restart to grab the lead in the 410 sprint feature and went on to record his third victory. Missler  held off several challenges from Jon Henry to score his third late model win. Foos led every lap of the 305 sprint feature to record his third career victory.

With threatening weather - even some sprinkles of rain during the feature events - Attica got great cooperation from the race teams and pushed the entire show through in just over two hours. It was appropriate that it was a FAST (Kistler Racing Products Fremont Attica Sprint Title) night as well.

F.A.S.T. 410 Sprints - Chris Andrews
Andrews, much like his first two wins of the season at Attica, used a restart on lap 12 to drive around the outside of Brock Mayes to take the lead. Utilizing the very top of the track, Andrews had to hold off a hard charging Caleb Griffith to take the victory and move into second in the track's point standings behind five time and defending champion Byron Reed.

"I don't know if everyone just gets complacent on restarts or what, but I blasted in there on the cushion and it treated us very well tonight," said Andrews beside his K&N Filters, Lucas Oil, Goofy Golf, Blue Chip Machine and Tool, Adkins Sanitation backed #15c. "I don't know if it was the rain or what, but the car got tight there at the end...it was a handful. My hats off to this crew, they continue to work hard and give me an awesome race car."

Missler had to withstand several challenges from Henry and Rusty Schlenk on restarts, and a couple of very close calls with lapped machines - one of which damage the body on his J&H Concrete, Missler Industries Machine Shop, Gordon Lumber backed late model - before claiming the Fultz Fabrications and Speed Shop UMP Late Model victory.

"I thought for sure we were going to crash a couple of times with lapped cars. I don't know if they were in my way or I just couldn't get around them, but thank God for those cautions," said Missler beside his TAZE D.J. Service, Hawk's Auto Reconditioning Shop, York Fabrication, Terry McConnell Excavating backed late model.

305 Sprints - D.J. Foos
Foos was the class of the field in the Fremont Fence 305 Sprints feature, only having to pull away on two restarts to secure his first win of the 2009 season. It was a bit of redemption for Foos, who tangled with Paul Weaver a week earlier while battling for the lead, damaging his R&R Auto Wrecking, Burger King backed sprint car.

"This has been an emotional week...a very tough year. We've torn up some equipment, but I have to thank Rich Farmer, he kept sticking with us. I have to thank my dad (Dave) and Guy Meyers for all their help tonight," said Foos beside his Town Money Saver, Level Performance, Schiets Motorsports, Pit Stop Carryout backed #11F.

Brian Lay led the field of 410 sprints to the green to start the 30-lap feature, with Andrews and Brock Mayes battling for second. Lay, in his second year of dirt racing, pulled away while Mayes grabbed second on lap 12 with Andrews, Cole Duncan and Caleb Griffith waging a torrid battle for third. Lay's great run came to an end on lap three as he slid off the cushion in turn four and spun, handing the lead to Mayes with Griffith in second and Andrews third. Mayes would continue to lead with Griffith and Andrews racing side-by-side for second with Mike Linder moving into fourth ahead of Duncan.

Just as Mayes hit lapped traffic on lap 13, the caution would fly for a Danny Holtgraver spin. Andrews, who had grabbed second from Griffith on lap 8, used the ensuing restart to drive to Mayes' outside and into the lead. Andrews would begin to pull away until encountering lapped traffic on lap 18, allowing Mayes and Griffith to close while Linder, and 12th place starter Byron Reed, Duncan and Craig Mintz raced hard for fourth.

With a light drizzle falling, the action slowed for back-to-back Jody Keegan spins on laps 19 and 20. On the final restart, Griffith would drive under Mayes into second while Andrews pulled away. But, with five laps remaining, Andrews car began to give him fits, allowing Griffith to close. Andrews would hang on for the win with Griffith, Mayes, Mintz and Linder rounding out the top five.

Mintz's finish, coupled with Byron Reed's sixth place run helped Mintz increase his lead in the Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series with just three races remaining.

Missler would bolt into the lead of the late model main with Henry, Ken Hahn, Jeremy Canada and Rusty Schlenk right on his rear bumper. The second of eight cautions would slow the action on laps five and six, slowing the pace and keeping the field bunched up. Missler would hit lapped traffic by lap 10, allowing Henry and now third place runner Schlenk to close. Hahn's top five run would end on lap 11 when he tangled with a lap machine and spun. A lap later and another caution, allowing for Henry to test Missler on the bottom, but each time Missler would fight off the challenge.

UMP Late Models - Ryan Missler
Missler escaped near disaster on Lap 15 when he tangled with Mark Pollack as he attempted to put him a lap down. On the ensuing restart, Henry would race side-by-side with Missler for the lead with Schlenk making it three wide at times. Three laps later and Missler escaped again as Bobby Michaels spun in front of the leaders. Again on the restart Henry would challenge. Just as Missler seemed to be on cruise control, the final caution would fly on lap 21, once again bunching up the field with Missler leading over Henry, Schlenk, Wayne Maffett Jr. and 15th place starter Dusty Moore.

Missler was able to get a great run on the restart and used the clear track to race to the checkered flag with Henry, Schlenk, Maffett and Moore
rounding out the top five.

Foos would use the high line to pull away at the start of the 305 sprint feature while Dustin Stroup battling Zack Kramer and Paul Weaver for second. Kramer would slide into second on lap six as Foos set a blistering pace out front. Stroup would fight back to take second a lap later as he and Kramer traded the position over the next several laps. Foos would hit lapped traffic by lap 10, but got a break and a clear track when the caution would fly on lap 11.

A lap later, the final caution would fly with Foos leading Kramer, Stroup, Paul Weaver and 16th place starter Josh Muntz. Again, Foos set a quick pace, encountering lapped traffic by lap 17. All eyes were on Muntz, who moved into third on lap 16 and began pressuring Kramer for second. As Foos picked his way through traffic, Muntz would steal second on lap 22.

As Foos flew to the checkered, Muntz's great run would end as he tangled with a lapped machine exiting turn four on the final lap, handing second
back to Kramer as Weaver, Bobby Clark and Jimmy Colvin would round out the top five.

Attica Raceway Park will not have racing on Aug. 14, and will close out the 2009 season with three weeks of Saturday night racing on Aug. 22, Aug. 29 and Sept. 5.

For more information log onto www.atticaracewaypark.com

Attica Raceway Park - 8/7/2009
Edward Jones Financial Services Night

410 Sprints

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 12-Caleb Griffith; 2. 15C-Chris Andrews; 3. D4-Danny Holtgraver; 4. 2+-Brian Smith; 5. 48S-Andy Shammo; 6. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 7. 3J-Kevin Lee; 8. O4-Cap Henry; 9. 40-Mark Imler

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 45-Brian Lay; 2. 312-Mike Linder; 3. 11B-Brock Mayes; 4. 5T-Travis Philo; 5. 15H-Mitch Harble; 6. 11N-Ed Neumeister; 7. 60-Jody Keegan; 8. 25-Lee Jacobs; 9. 1XL-Matt Linder

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 22-Cole Duncan; 2. 5R-Byron Reed; 3. O9-Craig Mintz; 4. 53-Phil Gressman; 5. X-Mark Keegan; 6. 27-Scott Euler; 7. 10-David Harrison; 8. 7T-Troy Vaccaro; 9. 69-Scott Curren

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 3J-Kevin Lee; 2. O4-Cap Henry; 3. 10-David Harrison; 4. 60-Jody Keegan; 5. 7T-Troy Vaccaro; 6. 27-Scott Euler; 7. 40-Mark Imler; 8. 69-Scott Curren; 9. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 10. 1XL-Matt Linder

A-Main -  (30 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 15C-Chris Andrews[3]; 2. 12-Caleb Griffith[6]; 3. 11B-Brock Mayes[4]; 4. O9-Craig Mintz[9]; 5. 312-Mike Linder[8]; 6. 5R-Byron Reed[12]; 7. 53-Phil Gressman[11]; 8. 22-Cole Duncan[2]; 9. 10-David Harrison[18]; 10. 2+-Brian Smith[5]; 11. 3J-Kevin Lee[16]; 12. O4-Cap Henry[17]; 13. 45-Brian Lay[1]; 14. D4-Danny Holtgraver[10]; 15. 48S-Andy Shammo[13]; 16. 5T-Travis Philo[7]; 17. 60-Jody Keegan[19]; 18. 7T-Troy Vaccaro[20]; 19. X-Mark Keegan[15]; 20. 15H-Mitch Harble[14]

Fultz Fabrications & Speed Shop UMP DIRTcar Late Models

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps)
1. 60-Dale Glassford; 2. 51-Devin Shiels; 3. 48B-Mike Marteney; 4. 99-Steve Sabo; 5. O3-Jim Gingery; 6. O6-Kyle Perry; 7. 12M-Bobby Michaels; 8. 48-John Bores

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps)
1. 50Y-Ryan Missler; 2. 23C-Jeremy Canada; 3. 3R-Chuck Roelle; 4. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 5. 83-Noah Wagner; 6. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 7. 171-Mark Pollack

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps)
1. 91-Rusty Schlenk; 2. 27-Ken Hahn; 3. 1-Jon Henry; 4. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.; 5. 40WD-Dusty Moore; 6. 12-Michael Stiltner; 7. 15B-Mike Bores

A-Main -  (25 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 50Y-Ryan Missler[1]; 2. 1-Jon Henry[4]; 3. 91-Rusty Schlenk[11]; 4. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.[10]; 5. 40WD-Dusty Moore[15]; 6. 23C-Jeremy Canada[3]; 7. 51-Devin Shiels[9]; 8. 12-Michael Stiltner[18]; 9. 69-John Mayes Jr.[17]; 10. 15B-Mike Bores[21]; 11. 27-Ken Hahn[5]; 12. 48-John Bores[22]; 13. 60-Dale Glassford[12]; 14. 83-Noah Wagner[14]; 15. O3-Jim Gingery[13]; 16. 99-Steve Sabo[2]; 17. 12M-Bobby Michaels[19]; 18. 3R-Chuck Roelle[6]; 19. O6-Kyle Perry[16]; 20. 48B-Mike Marteney[7]; 21. 171-Mark Pollack[20]; 22. 5H-Ernie Haynes[8]

Fremont Fence 305 Sprints

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 35-Stuart Brubaker; 2. 28-Shawn Valenti; 3. 8K-Zack Kramer; 4. 9-Jimmy Colvin; 5. 15-Matt Merrill; 6. M28-Josh Muntz; 7. 36X-Dustin Keegan; 8. 22D-Dan Hammond; 9. 19R-Steve Rando; 10. 65-Mark Lang

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 82-Travis Hoffbauer; 2. 1W-Paul Weaver; 3. 94-John Ivy; 4. 40-Bobby Clark; 5. 67M-Matt Ferrell; 6. 27-Paige Polyak; 7. 71-Bill Kraylek; 8. 72C-John Bartlome; 9. 8J-Jess Stiger

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. 1-Nate Dussel; 2. 11F-D.J. Foos; 3. 10X-Dustin Stroup; 4. 83X-Nate Reeser; 5. 13-Junior Felver; 6. 80-Jake Trevino; 7. 31-Chuck Wilson; 8. 29-Chris Lang; 9. 14-Chad Wilson

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 5 Transfer)
1. M28-Josh Muntz; 2. 27-Paige Polyak; 3. 80-Jake Trevino; 4. 19R-Steve Rando; 5. 71-Bill Kraylek; 6. 22D-Dan Hammond; 7. 72C-John Bartlome; 8. 31-Chuck Wilson; 9. 14-Chad Wilson; 10. 8J-Jess Stiger; 11. 36X-Dustin Keegan

A-Main -  (25 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 11F-D.J. Foos[2]; 2. 8K-Zack Kramer[6]; 3. 1W-Paul Weaver[1]; 4. 40-Bobby Clark[7]; 5. 9-Jimmy Colvin[8]; 6. 94-John Ivy[12]; 7. 80-Jake Trevino[18]; 8. 19R-Steve Rando[19]; 9. 10X-Dustin Stroup[4]; 10. 82-Travis Hoffbauer[9]; 11. 27-Paige Polyak[17]; 12. M28-Josh Muntz[16]; 13. 15-Matt Merrill[13]; 14. 28-Shawn Valenti[5]; 15. 13-Junior Felver[15]; 16. 83X-Nate Reeser[11]; 17. 67M-Matt Ferrell[14]; 18. 1-Nate Dussel[10]; 19. 35-Stuart Brubaker[3]; 20. 71-Bill Kraylek[20]
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