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Friday, 18 April 2008

By Brian Liskai


Linder Tames Tough Attica Field; Henry Gets First 305 Win; Schlenk, Ward Use Last Lap Passes For Victory

Image(Attica, OH) Mike Linder has sent a message to the area 410 sprint teams in 2008 - new team owner, new number, new colors, but same winning results.

Linder tamed a tough field that included Advanced Auto Parts World of Outlaws and O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions teams on R&R Auto Wrecking/HD Supply Night at Attica Raceway Park Friday, April 18. It was the eighth career 410 sprint victory for the Fremont, Ohio driver at "Ohio's Finest Racing" speedplant.

The Attica 2007 rookie of the year in the 305 sprints, Bellevue, Ohio's Cap Henry led all 25 laps to claim his first career ARP win.

Jackson, Michigan's Rusty Schlenk capitalized when Mike Bores slipped of the bottom to grab the lead on the last lap of the Service Drive Solutions UMP Attica Late Models and score his first career ARP win.

The dirt truck feature also came down to the last lap, with Sandusky's Cory Ward grabbing his fifth career Attica victory.

For Linder, who has recorded the most 305 sprint wins in the history of Attica, Friday night's victory was even more special.

"It's my wife, Stephanie's birthday. It's also our first win since we lost her dad (Larry Finsel) to cancer in January," said Linder, who defeated the likes of Outlaw regulars Daryn Pittman and Sam Hafertepe Jr. and All Star champions Greg Wilson and Dale Blaney. "When we had that red (on lap 8) I saw that black nose under me and I knew it was either that 21 car (Pittman) or the 5 (Byron Reed). The yellows fell just right for us tonight and the car was so good on the bottom. I knew if I didn't screw up and stayed down there I'd be hard to beat."

"We were good here on opening night a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think anyone noticed but us because of the way the track was. I have to give credit to John Bores (ARP promoter) and the track crew here. They worked their tails off a couple of weeks ago to try and give us a surface to race on despite all the rains. And to come back here and have the track this good shows you how dedicated they are here," said Linder beside his Linder's Speed Equipment, About Realty, State Street Consignment, Engler Printing backed #312.

Linder, a two-time Fremont Speedway champion, purchased the team over the winter from long-time car owner Andy James. He switched the number to what his dad, Jim Linder, used when he began racing, along with the color scheme of that era.

For 17-year-old Henry, his first win left him a little speechless.

"I thought two weeks ago was awesome (he qualified for the All Star feature the first time competing against the 410 sprints with a 360 motor) but this is definitely a lot better," said Henry beside his Level Performance Engines, HMS Speedways backed #04. "The car was just so good on the bottom...I knew if I stayed down there and didn't mess up I'd be alright. I had a couple of close calls with the tractor tires."

ImageSchlenk survived a caution-filled late model feature, before getting nose under Bores on the white flag lap to take the lead and the win.

"I was running out of patience...as long as he (Bores) stayed on the bottom I thought I'd have to settle for second. Then he slipped up coming of turn two and I was able to get a run on him," said Schlenk, the 2006 American Late Model Series champion beside his #91 Racers Connection, Maint Company, C.J. Rayburn Racecar. "We got a win earlier this year in Illinois, so we're off to a good start."

The dirt truck feature came down to a three truck battle in the closing laps. Bob Dible and Cory Ward raced side by side with Brian Arnold right on their bumper the last handful of laps until the only caution flew on lap 14. Dible developed a flat tire and retired, and Ward held off the last lap effort of Arnold for the win.

"I thought I screwed up on that last lap. I knew I had to stay low, but it was a little rough in turn two and I slipped up. This is a brand new truck and it ran great," said Ward beside his Budweiser, Precision Body and Frame, Excuses Lounge backed #18w.

In the 30-lap 410 sprint feature, pole-sitter Greg Wilson grabbed the early lead with Linder, Blaney, Pittman and Phil Gressman in tow. While Wilson was banging agains the cushion up top, Linder was running around the light poles and by lap five was running side-by-side with Wilson for the lead. Linder would rocket of the bottom of turn two on lap six to grab the lead.

The action would grind to a half on lap 8 when Caleb Griffith spun and collected Mark Keegan and Mike Dussel. Dussell would rejoin the field, but Keegans night was over. The running order was Linder, Wilson, Pittman, Blaney, Byron Reed,  Haefertepe, David Harrison, Gressman and 15th starter Brock Mayes.

Linder would jump back into the lead and put some distance on the rest of the field. The real battle was for second between Wilson and Pittman, who would secure the runner-up spot on lap 13. The caution would fly again on lap 18 with the running order Linder, Pittman, Wilson, Blaney, Harrison, Reed and Mayes.

Pittman would mount one more charge at Linder on the restart, and would close each lap as he was better in turns 3 and 4 and Linder was good at the other end. At the checkers, Linder held a four car length advantage over Pittman, with Blaney, Wilson and Reed rounding out the top five.

In the 25-lap 305 main, Henry would not budge from the bottom from his pole-starting spot. After a red for a Duane Zablocki flip on lap five, Bobby Clark would attempt to get under Henry on the restart, only to clip an infield tractor tire, sending him spinning. Henry would maintain his lead again with Todd Heuerman and Brad Haudenschild battling for second. Henry would flirt with the inside tractor tire markers, but was able to pull away for the win. Heuerman would hold off a hard-charging Stuart Brubaker (up from 11th starting spot), Haudenschild and Brad Bowman.

Tyler Boggs grabbed the initial lead of the 20-lap late model feature with Mike Stiltner, Mike Bores and Ernie Haynes in tow. Boggs would spin on lap 4, handing the lead to Bores. Bores too would not budge from the bottom, despite repeated atemps by first Stiltner, and then Schlenk.

Bores and Schlenk would run nose-to-tail and side-by-side the next 15 laps. Bores got a little high exiting turn two after taking the white flag, and Schlenk was able to get under him going into turn three and take the lead and the win. Bores, Haynes, Stiltner and Curtis Diesenroth would round out the top five.

ImageDible led the first seven laps of the 15-lap truck feature. Ward would get around Brign Sorg on lap five to take over second, with Arnold racing into third on lap eight, as Ward powered under Dible for the lead. Dible would return the favor on lap 13, only to see the caution come out a lap later, when he would develop a flat tire. Ward would hold off Arnold, Stee Endicott, Art Ball and Sorg for the win.

Attica Raceway Park will be back in action Friday, April 25 on Merrill Lynch Night. All scouts - both boys and girls - who wear their uniforms to the track get in free. Also, after hotlaps, the pitgates will swing open to all fans for an autograph session with the drivers in the 410 sprints, 305 sprints, dirt trucks and Service Drive Solutions UMP Attica Late Models.

For times, ticket prices and directions to Attica Raceway Park, log onto www.atticaracewaypark.com

Attica Raceway Park (4-18-08)
R&R Auto Wrecking/HD Supply Night

410 Sprints
Heat 1 - All Pro Heads (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 10-David Harrison; 2. 312-Mike Linder; 3. 12-Caleb Griffith; 4. 2M-Dustin Daggett; 5. 20X-Brian Smith; 6. 6-Mike Dussell (R)

Heat 2 - Ultra Shield Race Products (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 15-Sam Hafertepe Jr.; 2. 2-Dale Blaney; 3. 5R-Byron Reed; 4. 75-Mike Hogan; 5. 1W-Paul Weaver; 6. 48S-Andy Shammo; 7. 23-Ben Rutan; 8. 1R-Brian Lay (R)

Heat 3 - Bell Racing (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 11M-Brandon Martin; 2. 83-Phil Gressman; 3. 16-Lee Jacobs; 4. 11B-Brock Mayes; 5. 2H-Tim Hunter; 6. X-Mark Keegan; 7. 11N-Ed Neumeister; 8. 91-Aaron Middaugh

Heat 4 - Friendship Food Stores (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. W20-Greg Wilson; 2. 15C-Chris Andrews; 3. 21-Daryn Pittman; 4. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 5. 60-Jody Keegan; 6. 48-Mike Burkin; 7. 5T-Travis Philo; 8. 69-Scott Curren

B-main - Computer Man Inc.
1. 2H-Tim Hunter; 2. 20X-Brian Smith; 3. X-Mark Keegan; 4. 6-Mike Dussell (R); 5. 1W-Paul Weaver; 6. 48-Mike Burkin; 7. 23-Ben Rutan; 8. 16S-Lee Stark; 9. 91-Aaron Middaugh; 10. 69-Scott Curren; 11. 11N-Ed Neumeister; 12. 1R-Brian Lay (R); 13. 5T-Travis Philo; 14. 60-Jody Keegan; 15. 48S-Andy Shammo

A-Main   Starting Position [#]
1. 312-Mike Linder[2]; 2. 21-Daryn Pittman[6]; 3. 2-Dale Blaney[4]; 4. W20-Greg Wilson[1]; 5. 5R-Byron Reed[8]; 6. 11B-Brock Mayes[15]; 7. 15C-Chris Andrews[5]; 8. 20X-Brian Smith[18]; 9. 10-David Harrison[9]; 10. 75-Mike Hogan[14]; 11. 11M-Brandon Martin[10]; 12. 6-Mike Dussell (R)[20]; 13. 83-Phil Gressman[3]; 14. 2M-Dustin Daggett[13]; 15. 2H-Tim Hunter[17]; 16. 12-Caleb Griffith[11]; 17. 15-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[12]; 18. 98-Bruce Robenalt[16]; 19. X-Mark Keegan[19]; 20. 16-Lee Jacobs[7]
305 Sprints

Heat 1 - All Pro Heads (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 18-Todd Heuerman; 2. 55-Benny Bowman; 3. 66L-Brad Bowman; 4. 3J-Kevin Lee; 5. 72C-John Bartlome; 6. 5-Dustin Dinan; 7. 71-Bill Kraylek; 8.11-Shawn Colvin; 9. 19R-Steve Rando

Heat 2 - Ultra Shield Race Products (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 49-Coty Runion; 2. O4-Cap Henry; 3. 82-Travis Hoffbauer; 4. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 5. 1-Nate Dussel (R); 6. 13-Junior Felver; 7. 27K-Ryan Kirkendall; 8. 11F-D.J. Foos (R); 9. 596-Zack Ames (R)

Heat 3 -  Bell Racing (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 35-Stuart Brubaker; 2. 10-Brad Haudenschild; 3. 23-Willie Keegan; 4. 67M-Matt Ferrell; 5. 65-Mark Lang; 6. 8K-Zack Kramer (R); 7. 24X-Tom Nichols; 8. M28-Josh Muntz; 9. O1-Bryan Sebetto

Heat 4 -  Friendship Food Stores (8 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main)
1. 36X-Dustin Keegan; 2. 40-Bobby Clark; 3. 29-Chris Lang; 4. 22D-Dan Hammond; 5. 3X-Brad Keckler; 6. 14-Chad Wilson; 7. X-Dustin Stroup (R); 8. 28-Shaun Valenti (R); 9. 15H-Mitch Harble

B-Main #1 - Computer Man Inc. (8 laps, top 2 transfer to A-Main)
1. 72C-John Bartlome; 2. 5-Dustin Dinan; 3. 71-Bill Kraylek; 4. 19R-Steve Rando; 5. 11-Shawn Colvin; 6. 13-Junior Felver; 7. 1-Nate Dussel (R); 8. 11F-D.J. Foos (R); 9. 27K-Ryan Kirkendall

B-Main #2 - Computer Man Inc. (8 laps, top 2 transfer to A-Main)
1. O1-Bryan Sebetto; 2. 3X-Brad Keckler; 3. 8K-Zack Kramer (R); 4. 65-Mark Lang; 5. M28-Josh Muntz; 6. 14-Chad Wilson; 7. 28-Shaun Valenti (R); 8. X-Dustin Stroup (R); 9. 15H-Mitch Harble; 10. 24X-Tom Nichols

A-Main  Starting Position [#]
1. O4-Cap Henry[1]; 2. 18-Todd Heuerman[5]; 3. 35-Stuart Brubaker[11]; 4. 10-Brad Haudenschild[10]; 5. 66L-Brad Bowman[4]; 6. 3J-Kevin Lee[13]; 7. 23-Willie Keegan[9]; 8. 36X-Dustin Keegan[8]; 9. 55-Benny Bowman[12]; 10. 49-Coty Runion[7]; 11. 29-Chris Lang[2]; 12. 67M-Matt Ferrell[15]; 13. 3X-Brad Keckler[20]; 14. 72C-John Bartlome[17]; 15. O1-Bryan Sebetto[18]; 16. 22D-Dan Hammond[16]; 17. 5-Dustin Dinan[19]; 18. 40-Bobby Clark[3]; 19. 82-Travis Hoffbauer[6]; 20. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[14];

Service Drive Solutions UMP Attica Late Models

Heat 1 - Tin Lizzy Collision (8 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Main)
1. 15B-Mike Bores; 2. 25-Chuck Hummer; 3. 34-Ky Harper; 4. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 5. 33-Bryan Koebbe; 6. 83-Noah Wagner (R); 7. 3R-Chuck Roelle (R); 8. 30-Nate Potts

Heat 2 - Ultra Shield Race Products (8 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Main)
1. 27-Ken Hahn; 2. 12-Michael Stiltner; 3. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth; 4. 45-Mike Marteney; 5. 51S-Devin Shiels; 6. 77-Steve Kester; 7. 77C-Craig Corfman; 8. 171-Mark Pollack

Heat 3 - Bell Racing (8 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Main)
1. 1-Tyler Boggs; 2. 91-Rusty Schlenk; 3. 60-Dale Glassford; 4. 99-Steve Sabo; 5. 50-Ryan Missler; 6. 12H-Joe Hartlaub (R)

A-Main  Starting Position [#]
1. 91-Rusty Schlenk[8]; 2. 15B-Mike Bores[1]; 3. 5H-Ernie Haynes[7]; 4. 12-Michael Stiltner[2]; 5. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth[4]; 6. 99-Steve Sabo[9]; 7. 51S-Devin Shiels[14]; 8. 60-Dale Glassford[6]; 9. 50-Ryan Missler[15]; 10. 27-Ken Hahn[12]; 11. 77-Steve Kester[17]; 12. 3R-Chuck Roelle (R)[19]; 13. 33-Bryan Koebbe[13]; 14. 45-Mike Marteney[11]; 15. 171-Mark Pollack[22]; 16. 12H-Joe Hartlaub (R)[18]; 17. 83-Noah Wagner (R)[16]; 18. 1-Tyler Boggs[3]; 19. 34-Ky Harper[5]; 20. 30-Nate Potts[21]; 21. 25-Chuck Hummer[10]; 22.77C-Craig Corfman[20]; 23. O-Jeff Pelton[23]

Dirt Trucks

Heat 1 - Tin Lizzy Collision (8 laps, top 8 transfer to A-Main)
1. 8-Steve Endicott; 2. 17-Bob Dible; 3. 55B-Bill Bruen; 4. 30-Dave Gibbs;5. 56-Alex Wiechman; 6. 88-Jim Brewer

Heat 2 - Ultra Shield Race Products (8 laps, top 8 transfer to A-Main)
1. 33-Brian Arnold; 2. O1-Art Ball; 3. 18W-Corey Ward; 4. 4X-Brian Sorg; 5. 84-Russ Stahl; 6. 91-Roger Inks

A-Main  Starting Position [#]
1. 18W-Corey Ward[6]; 2. 33-Brian Arnold[8]; 3. 8-Steve Endicott[7]; 4. O1-Art Ball[3]; 5. 4X-Brian Sorg[2]; 6. 56-Alex Wiechman[9]; 7. 55B-Bill Bruen[5]; 8. 91-Roger Inks[12]; 9. 84-Russ Stahl[10]; 10. 88-Jim Brewer[11]; 11. 62-Dave Severs[13]; 12. 17-Bob Dible[1]; 13. 30-Dave Gibbs[4]
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