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Saturday, 05 April 2008

By Brian Liskai


Dewease Tames Tough Attica For All Star Win

Image(Attica, OH) What do you do when the track conditions are literally changing every lap? If you're Lance Dewease, you rely on your years of experience and a little bit of luck.

The Fayetteville, Pennsylvania driver tamed Attica Raceway Park Saturday to win the O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions feature to kick off the track's 20th anniversary season in front of a huge crowd for the Coors Light Spring Clash. Heavy rains over the past month made for a heavy, rough racetrack. Defending Attica champion Byron Reed's equipment failure gave Dewease the lead with seven laps to go and he went on to the victory and the All Star point lead.

"The track was changing every lap. You'd find a groove and a lap later it would change so you had to adapt. That's where experience comes in," said Dewease beside his Advance Development Services sponsored #30c. "My hats off to the track crew here. They could have gave up and called this race, but they kept working at it and we got to put on a show for these great fans."

Brian Ellenberger grabbed the initial lead, but found himself flipping off into the mud a lap later enterting turn three. That gave Dewease the lead as the racing up front was fast and furious, with slide jobs left and right despite the tough track surface.Dewease continued to lead over Randy Hannigan, Bob Felmlee, Reed and Lee Jacobs when the caution flew for a stalled Rod George. On the restart, Dewease pulled out to a sizeable lead with the action for second heating up between Hannigan and a fast-closing Reed. Reed got around Hannigan on lap 10 and began to close the gap on Dewease. By lap 14, Reed and Dewease were racing side by side, with Reed gaining the top spot at the halfway mark.

Dewease would use the lapped machine of Paul McMahon as a pick to movearound Reed exiting turn two on lap 23, but the move was nullified when third-place running Hannigan stopped to bring out the final caution. But Reed's lead was short-lived as he exited the track to the work area for a fuel pump problem, handing the top spot back to Dewease.

ImageAgain in front, Dewease, a multiple track champion in the tough central Pennsylvania circuit, would pull away while the battle for second heated up between defending All Star champion Greg Wilson, former two-time All Star champion Dale Blaney and Dean Jacobs.

At the checkered it was Dewease over Blaney while Jacobs edged Wilson at the flag for third. Thirteenth starter Ed Lynch Jr. would round out the top five.

"We don't seem to start so good. We just hung around and tried to keep the car in one piece and finish and here we are in second," said Blaney of his runner-up finish aboard the George Fisher Racing entry.

"I love racing on heavy rough tracks...that was a lot of fun," said Jacobs beside his Jessup Racing entry. "It was definitely tiring."

ImageIn the Service Drive Solutions Attica Late Models, Bellevue's Ryan Missler took the lead on lap 10 and held off a late race challenge to claim the $1,000 top prize aboard his Missler Industries, Taze DJ Service #50 entry.

"I'm wore out...that was nerve racking," said Missler, who married Amber just three weeks ago."That's a nice wedding present for Amber."

Wayne Maffett Jr. grabbed the early lead, but stopped on the backstretch a lap later, giving Jeremy Canada the top spot. Canada lead while Missler battled Dustry Moore for second. When Canada bobbled in the rough stuff on lap 10, Missler pounced. But Missler about returned the favor a couple of laps later when he bobbled while receiving pressure from Moore and Larry Kingseed.

Missler regained his composure and held onto the top spot and went on to his sixth career Attica victory over Kingseed, Ernie Haynes, Canada and Steve Kester.

Attica Raceway Park will be back in action Friday, April 11, with True Value of Woodville Night featuring the American Late Model Series, the 305 sprints, and dirt trucks (rain date of Saturday, April 12).

For more information on "Ohio's Finest Racing" venue, log onto www.atticaracewaypark.com.

Attica Raceway Park (4-5-08)
O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions
Coors Light Spring Clash

Qualifying - Kistler Engines
1. 20E-Brian Ellenberger, 12.692; 2. 30C-Lance Dewease, 12.751; 3. 6F-Bob Felmlee, 12.760; 4. 16-Lee Jacobs, 12.789; 5. 1X-Randy Hannagan, 12.790; 6. 5R-Byron Reed, 12.796; 7. 2-Dale Blaney, 12.804; 8. 7K-Dean Jacobs, 12.812; 9. 59-Kenny Jacobs, 12.848; 10. W20-Greg Wilson, 12.878; 11. 11B-Brock Mayes, 12.891; 12. 24H-Rob Chaney, 12.910; 13. 48S-Andy Shammo, 12.939; 14. 2L-Ed Lynch, 12.946; 15. X-Mark Keegan, 12.960; 16. 6-Mike Dussel, 12.963; 17. 98-Bruce Robenalt, 12.980; 18. 4-Rod George, 12.984; 19. O-Paul McMahan, 12.986; 20. 56R-Ryan Myers, 12.998; 21. 5A-Rob Eyler, 13.013; 22. 23-Ben Rutan, 13.069; 23. 12-Caleb Griffith, 13.086; 24. 28-Brian Paulus, 13.119; 25. 83-Phil Gressman, 13.124; 26. 16S-Lee Stark, 13.148; 27. 22-Cole Duncan, 13.191; 28. 312-Mike Linder, 13.192; 29. 28H-Hud Horton, 13.202; 30. 60-Jody Keegan, 13.208; 31. 11M-Brandon Martin, 13.211; 32. 15C-Chris Andrews, 13.256; 33. 27-Scott Euler, 13.330; 34. 91-Aaron Middaugh, 13.456; 35. B20-Butch Schroeder, 13.503; 36. O4-Cap Henry, 13.563; 37. 1W-Paul Weaver, 13.582; 38. 51-Aaron Higgins, 13.668; 39. 2H-Tim Hunter, 13.802; 40. 81-Craig Folmar, 13.843; 41. 10-David Harrison, 15.549

Heat 1 - All Pro Heads
1. 5A-Rob Eyler; 2. 20E-Brian Ellenberger; 3. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 4. 1X-Randy Hannagan; 5. 83-Phil Gressman; 6. 48S-Andy Shammo; 7. 59-Kenny Jacobs; 8. 1W-Paul Weaver; 9. 28H-Hud Horton; 10. 27-Scott Euler; 11. 10-David Harrison

Heat 2 - Engler Machine & Tool
1. 4-Rod George; 2. W20-Greg Wilson; 3. 2L-Ed Lynch; 4. 5R-Byron Reed; 5. 30C-Lance Dewease; 6. 91-Aaron Middaugh; 7. 51-Aaron Higgins; 8. 16S-Lee Stark; 9. 60-Jody Keegan; 10. 23-Ben Rutan

Heat 3 - Hoosier Tire
1. 12-Caleb Griffith; 2. O-Paul McMahan; 3. 2-Dale Blaney; 4. 6F-Bob Felmlee; 5. 11B-Brock Mayes; 6. 11M-Brandon Martin; 7. X-Mark Keegan; 8. B20-Butch Schroeder; 9. 22-Cole Duncan; 10. 2H-Tim Hunter

Heat 4 - Hank's Performance Products
1. 28-Brian Paulus; 2. 56R-Ryan Myers; 3. 24H-Rob Chaney; 4. 7K-Dean Jacobs; 5. 16-Lee Jacobs; 6. 312-Mike Linder; 7. 6-Mike Dussel; 8. 81-Craig Folmar; 9. O4-Cap Henry; 10. 15C-Chris Andrews

Dash - O'Reilly Auto Parts
1. 6F-Bob Felmlee; 2. 20E-Brian Ellenberger; 3. 1X-Randy Hannagan; 4. 2-Dale Blaney; 5. 30C-Lance Dewease; 6. 5R-Byron Reed

B-main - University of Northwestern Ohio
1. 312-Mike Linder; 2. 59-Kenny Jacobs; 3. B20-Butch Schroeder; 4. O4-Cap Henry; 5. 15C-Chris Andrews; 6. 6-Mike Dussel; 7. 60-Jody Keegan; 8. 16S-Lee Stark; 9. 51-Aaron Higgins; 10. 22-Cole Duncan; 11. 1W-Paul Weaver; 12. 11M-Brandon Martin; 13. X-Mark Keegan; 14. 28H-Hud Horton; 15. 2H-Tim Hunter; 16. 81-Craig Folmar; 17. 27-Scott Euler; 18. 48S-Andy Shammo; 19. 23-Ben Rutan; 20. 10-David Harrison

A-main - MSD Ignition  Starting Position []
1. 30C-Lance Dewease[4]; 2. 2-Dale Blaney[7]; 3. 7K-Dean Jacobs[8]; 4. W20-Greg Wilson[9]; 5. 2L-Ed Lynch[13]; 6. 6F-Bob Felmlee[6]; 7. 16-Lee Jacobs[2]; 8. B20-Butch Schroeder[23]; 9. 1X-Randy Hannagan[3]; 10. O-Paul McMahan[16]; 11. 24H-Rob Chaney[12]; 12. 83-Phil Gressman[21]; 13. 11B-Brock Mayes[10]; 14. 56R-Ryan Myers[17]; 15. O4-Cap Henry[24]; 16. 5R-Byron Reed[5]; 17. 12 Caleb Griffith[19]; 18. 4-Rod George[15]; 19. 28-Brian Paulus[20]; 20. 59-Kenny Jacobs[11]; 21. 5A-Rob Eyler[18]; 22. 98-Bruce Robenalt[14]; 23. 20E-Brian Ellenberger[1]; 24. 312-Mike Linder[22]

Service Drive Solutions UMP Attica Late Models

Heat 1 - Bell Helmets (8 laps,top 10 transfer to A-Main)
1. 75-Dusty Moore; 2. 50-Ryan Missler; 3. 25-Chuck Hummer; 4. 1-Tyler Boggs; 5. 12-Michael Stiltner; 6. 99-Steve Sabo; 7. 48-John Bores; 8. 23-Ben Elliott; 9. OO-Joel Wildermuth; 10. O-Jeff Pelton

Heat 2 - Ultra Shield Race Products (8 laps, top 10 transfer to A-Main)
1. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.; 2. 23C-Jeremy Canada; 3. 30-Nate Potts; 4. 77-Steve Kester; 5. 27-Ken Hahn; 6. 35-Ron Miller; 7. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth; 8. 71-Rusty Smith; 9. 171-Mark Pollack

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores - Tin Lizzy Collision of Tiffin (8 laps, top 10 transfer to A-Main)
1. 88-Larry Kingseed; 2. 71JS-Joe Smith; 3. 83-Bill Hahn; 4. 77C-Craig Corfman; 5. 3R-Chuck Rolle; 6. 12H-Joe Hartlaub; 7. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 8. 15B-Mike Bores

B-Main - Computer Man Inc.
1. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 2. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth; 3. 99-Steve Sabo; 4. 48-John Bores; 5. 35-Ron Miller; 6. 12H-Joe Hartlaub; 7. 23-Ben Elliott; 8. 71-Rusty Smith; 9. 171-Mark Pollack; 10. O-Jeff Pelton

A-main  Starting Position []
1. 50-Ryan Missler[9]; 2. 88-Larry Kingseed[7]; 3. 5H-Ernie Haynes[16]; 4. 23C-Jeremy Canada[3]; 5. 77-Steve Kester[8]; 6. 27-Ken Hahn[14]; 7. 75-Dusty Moore[12]; 8. 12-Michael Stiltner[13]; 9. 99-Steve Sabo[18]; 10. 77C-Craig Corfman[4]; 11. 3R-Chuck Rolle[15]; 12. 35-Ron Miller[20]; 13. 2D-Curtis Deisenroth[17]; 14. 25-Chuck Hummer[6]; 15. 30-Nate Potts[5]; 16. 71JS-Joe Smith[11]; 17. 48-John Bores[19]; 18. 1-Tyler Boggs[10]; 19. 83-Bill Hahn[1]; 20. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.[2]

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