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Friday, 27 March 2009

Andrews Opens Ohio Racing Season with 410 Win at Attica; Miller Drives To UMP Late Model Victory; Hoffbauer Claims 305 Win

By Brian Liskai

Image(Attica, OH) There were several cautions - what you might expect on opening night - but once the action got going, the racing at Attica Raceway Park on Friday, March 27, was exciting. Sandusky, Ohio's Chris Andrews scored his first 410 sprint win while Whitehouse, Ohio's Matt Miller took the Fultz Fabrications and Speed Shop UMP late model victory. McCutchenville, Ohio's Travis Hoffbauer tangled with Zack Kramer exiting turn four on the last lap with Kramer ending up on his lid and Hoffbauer taking the win in the Fremont Fence 305 Sprints.

There were 34 of the 410 sprints, 32 UMP late models and 30 305 sprints signed into Attica's pits on Columbus Equipment Night to kick off Ohio's racing season.

ImageAndrews, behind the wheel of his Lucas Oil, K&N Filters #15c, used a lap 14 restart to dive under Greg Wilson to take the lead. After several early race cautions, the race would go the last 16 laps under green with Wilson closing on Andrews in lapped traffic with nine laps remaining. In the closing laps, defending Attica champion Byron Reed would make it a three-car battle for the lead.

Andrews would use the high side to perfection to take the victory with Wilson, Reed, Mark Keegan and Brock Mayes rounding out the top five.

"I knew I had to make a move on that restart... if I didn't do it then, I knew I wouldn't get around Greg Wilson," said Andrews, the 2007 national 410 winged sprint car rookie of the year. "This is so great to get that first win with my new sponsors Lucas Oil and K&N Filters."

"I got a little concerned when we got into lapped traffic because Greg and Byron are so good at that and I'm still learning. But, the car was just so crew did a fantastic job...I just had to hit the cushion and stay on the gas," said Andrews.

ImageThe Fultz Fabrications and Speed Shop UMP Late Model feature also got off to a shaky start with three yellows before a lap could be completed. Wayne Maffett would lead the first 11 laps before Wayne Chinn would steal the top spot, bringing Miller into second and Steve Casebolt into third. A lap later, Casebolt would take second, but Miller would return the favor on lap 15. Following a pair of cautions, Chinn and Miller would race side-by-side - often making slight contact - the next two circuits. On the next caution, Chinn went low to block Miller in turn one on the restart and Miller drove by on the outside to take the lead. He would take the checkered ahead of Casebolt, Chinn, Maffett and Jon Henry.

"I kind of set Wayne up. He was racing in my line and I couldn't get around him. So, I stuck my nose under him on the bottom and he drove down there on that restart to block and that opened up my groove," said Miller of his third career Attica victory. "I have to thank McCullough racing, M&W Auto Body, Gressman Powersports and Banshee Graphics and everyone on this car. I also want to thank my family and crew for all their support and hard work."

The Fremont Fence 305 sprint feature also started with several cautions, with Josh Muntz grabbing the early lead while Bobby Clark, his nephew Zack Kramer and Brad Bowman battled for second. Kramer would move into second on lap 10 and chased down Muntz by lap 14. Muntz and Kramer would race side by side until Kramer executed a slide job for the lead exiting turn two on lap 16. Hoffbauer, who fell back a little at the start, was starting to come on, moving into third by lap 12 and into second on lap 17. Muntz brought out the final caution on lap 20 when he tagged the front stretch wall while running third. Kramer and Hoffbauer were putting on an exciting show as they traded slide jobs the last five laps, with Kramer better in turns one and two and Hoffbauer using the bottom to his advantage in three and four. On the last lap, Hoffbauer got a run on Kramer in turn three and exiting turn four, made contact with the leader, sending him upside down. Behind Hoffbauer at the finish was Clark, 12th place starter Dustin Dinan, 14th starter Paul Weaver and defending track champion Stuart Brubaker.

Image"We were racing each other hard for the win. I thought I had him cleared on the last lap, but apparently I didn't. I'm sorry it ended that way," said Hoffbauer of his first career Attica victory  beside his Spanky's Pizza, Jim Gucker Attorney, Hoffbauer Construction #82.

Attica Raceway Park will be back in action Friday, April 3 for Northern Ohio Truck Center Night with the 410 sprints, Fultz Fabrications and Speed Shop UMP Late Models and Fremont Fence 305 Sprints. There is a raindate of Saturday, April 4.

Coming to Attica Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11, the HD Supply Spring Nationals featuring the O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions. NASCAR Sprint Cup star Kasey Kahne has said he will be behind the wheel of a sprint car at Attica both nights.

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Attica Raceway Park - 3/27/2009
Columbus Equipment Night

410 Sprints

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 5R-Byron Reed; 2. 16-Brian Sebetto; 3. 312-Mike Linder; 4. 27-Scott Euler; 5. 5T-Travis Philo; 6. 23-Jamie Miller; 7. 40-Mark Imler; 8. 83-Tim Schaffer

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 15C-Chris Andrews; 2. 11B-Brock Mayes; 3. X-Mark Keegan; 4. O9-Craig Mintz; 5. 3J-Kevin Lee; 6. 53-Cole Duncan; 7. 15H-Mitch Harble; 8. 24-Jeremy Keegan; 9. 51-Aaron Higgins

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 60-Jody Keegan; 2. 4-Danny Smith; 3. 2+-Brian Smith; 4. 9X-Phil Gressman; 5. 3C-Cale Conley; 6. O4-Cap Henry; 7. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 8. 20X-Craig Keel

Heat 4 - Tin Lizzy Collision (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. W20-Greg Wilson; 2. 11M-Brandon Martin; 3. 10-David Harrison; 4. 48S-Andy Shammo; 5. 48-Mike Burkin; 6. 22-Mikey Kuemper; 7. 12B-Mike Baker; 8. 1A-Mark Aldrich

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 3J-Kevin Lee; 2. 83-Tim Schaffer; 3. 3C-Cale Conley; 4. 5T-Travis Philo; 5. 53-Cole Duncan; 6. 48-Mike Burkin; 7. 15H-Mitch Harble; 8. 22-Mikey Kuemper; 9. O4-Cap Henry; 10. 51-Aaron Higgins; 11. 40-Mark Imler; 12. 24-Jeremy Keegan; 13. 12B-Mike Baker; 14. 23-Jamie Miller; 15. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 16. 91-Aaron Middaugh

A-Main -  (30 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 15C-Chris Andrews[4]; 2. W20-Greg Wilson[1]; 3. 5R-Byron Reed[6]; 4. X-Mark Keegan[12]; 5. 11B-Brock Mayes[8]; 6. 11M-Brandon Martin[10]; 7. 4-Danny Smith[11]; 8. 3C-Cale Conley[19]; 9. 9X-Phil Gressman[15]; 10. 3J-Kevin Lee[17]; 11. 60-Jody Keegan[7]; 12. 27-Scott Euler[13]; 13. 2+-Brian Smith[2]; 14. O9-Craig Mintz[14]; 15. 16-Brian Sebetto[5]; 16. 10-David Harrison[3]; 17. 312-Mike Linder[9]; 18. 48S-Andy Shammo[16]; 19. 83-Tim Schaffer[18]; 20. 5T-Travis Philo[20]
Fultz Fabrication & Speed Shop - UMP Late Models

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. C9-Steve Casebolt; 2. 50Y-Ryan Missler; 3. 5M-Ryan Markham; 4. 18-Alvie Haynes; 5. 23C-Jeremy Canada; 6. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 7. 21L-George Lee; 8. 9R-Curtis Roberts

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 40D-Dusty Moore; 2. 1C-Wayne Chinn; 3. OO7-Rick Bond; 4. 21-Larry Kingseed; 5. 92-J.R. Gentry; 6. 48B-John Bores; 7. 83-Noah Wagner

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 91-Rusty Schlenk; 2. 7-Matt Miller; 3. 3R-Chuck Roelle; 4. 27-Ken Hahn; 5. 15B-Mike Bores; 6. 18R-Jamie Reed; 7. 12H-Bobby Michaels; 8. 99-John Mayes Sr.

Heat 4 - Tin Lizzy Collision (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 1-Jon Henry; 2. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.; 3. 55-Chuck Hummer; 4. 29-Rocky Owens; 5. 51-Devin Schields; 6. 77-Steve Kester; 7. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 8. 12-Michael Stiltner

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 21L-George Lee; 2. 15B-Mike Bores; 3. 51-Devin Schields; 4. 48B-John Bores; 5. 23C-Jeremy Canada; 6. 12-Michael Stiltner; 7. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 8. 77-Steve Kester; 9. 83-Noah Wagner; 10. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 11. 12H-Bobby Michaels; 12. 18R-Jamie Reed; 13. 92-J.R. Gentry

A-Main -  (25 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 7-Matt Miller[10]; 2. C9-Steve Casebolt[9]; 3. 1C-Wayne Chinn[5]; 4. 40-Wayne Maffett Jr.[2]; 5. 1-Jon Henry[1]; 6. 91-Rusty Schlenk[7]; 7. 29-Rocky Owens[16]; 8. 21L-George Lee[17]; 9. 18-Alvie Haynes[13]; 10. OO7-Rick Bond[4]; 11. 50Y-Ryan Missler[3]; 12. 27-Ken Hahn[15]; 13. 55-Chuck Hummer[11]; 14. 3R-Chuck Roelle[6]; 15. 40D-Dusty Moore[8]; 16. 51-Devin Schields[19]; 17. 48B-John Bores[20]; 18. 15B-Mike Bores[18]; 19. 21-Larry Kingseed[14]; 20. 5M-Ryan Markham[12]

Fremont Fence - 305 Sprints

Heat 1 - Ultra Schield Race Products (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 82-Travis Hoffbauer; 2. 55-Benny Bowman; 3. 35-Stuart Brubaker; 4. 80-Jake Trevino; 5. 14-Chad Wilson; 6. 83X-Nate Reeser; 7. 47-Josh Burdette; 8. 13-Junior Felver

Heat 2 - Bell Racing  (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 19R-Steve Rando; 2. 1-Nate Dussel; 3. 8K-Zack Kramer; 4. 1W-Paul Weaver; 5. 71-Bill Kraylek; 6. 28-Shawn Valenti; 7. 67M-Matt Ferrell

Heat 3 - Friendship Food Stores (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 11F-D.J. Foos; 2. 10-Brad Haudenschild; 3. 41-Dustin Dinan; 4. 10X-Dustin Stroup; 5. 22D-Dan Hammond; 6. 31-Chuck Wilson; 7. 65-Mark Lang

Heat 4 - Tin Lizzy Collision (8 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 51-Brad Bowman; 2. 40-Bobby Clark; 3. M28-Josh Muntz; 4. 36X-Dustin Keegan; 5. 18-Todd Heuerman; 6. 29-Chris Lang; 7. 99-Tom Nichols

B-Main - Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps - Top 4 Transfer)
1. 71-Bill Kraylek; 2. 18-Todd Heuerman; 3. 14-Chad Wilson; 4. 28-Shawn Valenti; 5. 67M-Matt Ferrell; 6. 29-Chris Lang; 7. 13-Junior Felver; 8. 83X-Nate Reeser; 9. 47-Josh Burdette; 10. 22D-Dan Hammond; 11. 65-Mark Lang; 12. 99-Tom Nichols

A-Main -  (25 Laps) [#]-Starting Position
1. 82-Travis Hoffbauer[5]; 2. 40-Bobby Clark[3]; 3. 41-Dustin Dinan[12]; 4. 1W-Paul Weaver[14]; 5. 35-Stuart Brubaker[10]; 6. 19R-Steve Rando[11]; 7. 10-Brad Haudenschild[4]; 8. 1-Nate Dussel[7]; 9. 51-Brad Bowman[1]; 10. 36X-Dustin Keegan[16]; 11. 28-Shawn Valenti[20]; 12. 10X-Dustin Stroup[15]; 13. 14-Chad Wilson[19]; 14. 8K-Zack Kramer[6]; 15. M28-Josh Muntz[2]; 16. 18-Todd Heuerman[18]; 17. 80-Jake Trevino[13]; 18. 71-Bill Kraylek[17]; 19. 11F-D.J. Foos[8]; 20. 55-Benny Bowman[9]

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