Rob Chaney Takes Home ALL The Loot at Hewitt Challenge

By Brian Liskai

ATTICA, Ohio (June 22, 2004) - It was an $11,000 payday for Millersburg, Ohio's Rob Chaney Tuesday at Attica Raceway Park, as he won both the winged and nonwinged sprint features at the second annual Jack Hewitt Challenge.

Chaney won $3,000 for each of the sprint features, thus collecting a $5,000 bonus from Attica Promoter Janet Holbrook.

"This is such an honor to win this deal. Jack Hewitt is the ultimate racer, and to win both of these features on his night is just awesome," said Chaney, who piloted two Stan Courtad Racing sprinters. "I knew we had a shot at winning both. We had a pretty good showing with USAC last week (during the Buckeye Nationals) so I knew our non-wing car was strong. Lately, the crew has gotten me comfortable in the winged car....I felt if we could win the winged deal, we had a very good shot of taking the bonus."

In the winged feature, outside front row starter Mark Keegan jumped into the early lead, cruising around the rim of the track. Pole-sitter Chaney stayed in his tire tracks until executing the winning pass out of turn two just after halfway in the 30-lap affair. Meanwhile, the battle was heating up for third between two-time All Star Champion Chad Kemenah, Greg Wilson and 10th starting John Ivy. Ivy had the upper hand, until he and Kemenah made slight contact resulting in Ivy doing a 360 spin and losing several positions.

At the checkered, it was Chaney, Keegan, Kemenah, Wilson, 13th starting Mike Linder, Ivy, Caleb Griffith, Lee Jacobs, Alvin Roepke, who started 19th, had worked his way into the top 10, only to spin and have to work up again, and Butch Schroeder.

In the non-wing 30-lap main, Chaney flew around the high side from his outside second row starting spot, to grab the lead exiting turn two on the first lap. He survived five cautions and two red flags to cruise to his second feature win of the night. Last year's Hewitt Challenge non-wing feature winner Matt Westfall finished second, with Matt Neely, Boston Reid, 10th starting Tony Beaber, 17th starting John Heydenreich, Aaron Middaugh, 305 sprint drivers Roger Shammo and Brian Smith, and Corey Smith rounding out the top 10.

"I learned where to run in the winged feature and the car was great around the top," said Chaney. "I really have to thank Stan Courtad for having patience with me...he's a true racer. He puts not only his money, but his heart and soul into this sport and I'm glad we could give him two wins tonight."

"That is not an easy deal to jump from winged to non-winged and win both. That should create some interest in this race next others can see it can be done," said Hewitt about the night's racing. "Rob showed he is a true racer tonight."

Winged 410 Sprint results:

Heat 1 (top four to A): 1. John Ivy (20); 2. Mark Keegan (X); 3. Rob Chaney (9x); 4. Mike Linder (3); 5. Jon Finsel (F1); 6. Kyle Stuchell (48); 7. Alvin Roepke (99); 8. Bobby Clark (8)

Heat 2 (top four to A): 1. Byron Reed (5r); 2. Kyle Sauder (K); 3. Matt Lucius (1a); 4. Lee Jacobs (16); 5. Butch Schroeder (12); 6. Craig Mintz (8s)

Heat 3 (top four to A): 1. Chad Kemenah (15k); 2. Caleb Griffith (12); 3. Boston Reid (2b); 4. Andy James (72); 5. Ed Neumeister (11n); 6. Mike Miller (82); 7. Jody Keegan (60)

Heat 4 (top four to A): 1. Greg Wilson (63); 2. Eric Rankin (39); 3. Brock Mayes (11b); 4. Rodney Morgan (21m); 5. David Harrison (10); 6. Shane Helms (40); 7. Jerry Nemire (16)

B-Main (top four to A): 1. Butch Schroeder; 2. David Harrison; 3. Alvin Roepke; 4. Jon Finsel; 5. Bobby Clark; 6. Craig Mintz; 7. Shane Helms; 8. Ed Neumeister; 9. Mike Miller; 10. Jody Keegan; 11. Jerry Nemire; 12. Kyle Stuchell

A-Main (30 laps): 1. Rob Chaney (started 1st); 2. Mark Keegan (started 2nd); 3. Chad Kemenah (started 11th); 4. Greg Wilson (started 9th); 5. Mike Linder (started 13th); 6. John Ivy (started 10th); 7. Caleb Griffith (started 3rd); 8. Lee Jacobs (started 14th); 9. Alvin Roepke (started 19th); 10. Butch Schroeder (started 17th); 11. Byron Reed (started 6th); 12. Brock Mayes (started 8th); 13. Eric Rankin (started 5th); 14. Matt Lucius (started 7th); 15. Jon Finsel (started 20th); 16. Rodney Morgan (started 16th); 17. David Harrison (started 18th); 18. Boston Reid (started 4th); 19. Andy James (started 15th); 20. Kyle Sauder (started 12th).

Non-Wing Sprint Results:

Heat 1 (top 5 to A): 1. Tony Beaber (3t); 2. Mike Miller (82); 3. Jerry Nemire (16); 4. Aaron Middaugh (91); 5. Corey Smith (66); 6. Chuck Wilson (31); 7. Ryan Howard (9h); 8. John Heydenreich (57)

Heat 2 (top 5 to A): 1. Boston Reid (2b); 2. Brian Smith (20x); 3. Rob Chaney (9x); 4. Matt Westfall (23s); 5. Wes Martz (56); 6. Roger Shammo (10); 7. Chad Levingston (74L)

Heat 3 (top 5 to A): 1. Dustin Smith (77); 2. Matt Neely (17); 3. Matt Brun (28); 4. Greg Wilson (97); 5. Kevin Besecker (15); 6. Aaron Fry (14); 7. Luke Hall (34); 8. Dustin Keegan (17x)

B-Main (top 5 to A): 1. Roger Shammo; 2. John Heydenreich; 3. Aaron Fry; 4. Dustin Keegan; 5. Chad Levingston; 6. Luke Hall; 7. Chuck Wilson; 8. Ryan Howard

A-Main (30 laps): 1. Rob Chaney (started 4th); 2. Matt Westfall (started 1st); 3. Matt Neely (started 3rd); 4. Boston Reid (started 7th); 5. Tony Beaber (started 10th); 6. John Heydenreich (started 17th); 7. Aaron Middaugh (started 12th); 8. Roger Shammo (started 16th); 9. Brian Smith (started 11th); 10. Corey Smith (started 13th); 11. Jerry Nemire (started 2nd); 12. Greg Wilson (started 6th); 13. Dustin Keegan (started 19th); 14. Chad Levingston (started 20th); 15. Wes Martz (started 14th); 16. Matt Brun (started 5th); 17. Aaron Fry (started 18th); 18. Kevin Besecker (started 15th); 19. Dustin Smith (started 8th); 20. Mike Miller (started 9th).